Creating Innovative Affordable Diagnostics Systems                  

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Back ground:

In today’s time, data elicited from the history and physical examination is not sufficient for making a diagnosis or for guiding therapy, more information is often required in order to accurately diagnose and treat any medical condition, disease or illness. Clinicians and even patients increasingly rely on diagnostic tests for accurate detection and treatment of any condition and disease. Although, diagnostic tools and services are an indispensable guide to patient treatment and management, there has been a limitation in terms of availability of diagnostic tests/tools for variety of diseases and illness in clinical and public health settings. As 21 % of Indian household’s record out-of-pocket health spending in excess of 15 % percent of non-food expenditure, there is a need of more robust and affordable diagnostic tests/biomarkers for detection and treatment of variety of illness and diseases.

Our country is afflicted with dual burden of disease, on one end we are dealing with paramount burden of communicable infectious disease and on other there is increasing burden of non-communicable diseases. Therefore, we are looking for innovative affordable diagnostics for both infectious diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis etc) and lifestyle or and non-communicable diseases [such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancers, diabetes, chronic lung diseases etc.].

What we are looking for

  • Portable miniaturized and automated point-of-care (POC) diagnostics system that facilitates migration of diagnostic testing from centralized laboratories to the clinical site of patient care, or even a person’s home.
  • New diagnostic platforms or technologies, using an integrative processing that maximize sample preparation flexibility across specimen types, maintain sensitivity and quantitation, and are very low cost.
  • Advanced diagnostics based on molecular cues that aid in rapid and accurate diagnosis.
  • Novel serodiagnostics and biomarkers that would enable more accurate identification of disease.
  • Cost-effective screening and diagnostic procedures, which can be performed in primary care include those for CVD (blood pressure, blood glucose level, lipid levels); and cancer (faecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer etc.)
  • Integrated diagnostic system or platform to diagnose multiple diseases.

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