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Existing methods

Dynamic new approach

Focus - Technology

Academic research activities
If you are interestested in Entrepreneurship

– Semantic Web (scientists can move seamlessly from one database to another, analyse disparate forms of data, connect genomic/proteomic/metabolomic data with clinical data)
– Autonomous Experimentation using Robot Scientists (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to carry out the entire cycle of scientific experimentation, including the origination of hypotheses to explain observations, the devising of experiments to test these hypotheses and the physical implementation of the experiments using laboratory robots)
– Mathematical models (to better understand disease, develop biomarkers & medicines)
– Pervasive Healthcare (the use of remote devices to monitor patients on a real-time basis wherever they are)


  • Develop shared services (which can be used by physicians, scientists)
  • Provide Clinical and Research decision support services
  • Provide virtualised platform services (Platform as a service – PaaS)

a) Promoting Academic Research Conversion to Enterprise [PACE]

b) Small Business Innovation Research Initiatives [SBIRI]

c) Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme [BIPP]