Translational Research1) Main problem statement

Background: Major challenge in Healthcare is to “Connect the molecular/cellular world with the clinical world”
1) Scientists-Physicians connectivity is very weak
2) Academia Research/ Industry connect is very weak
3) Significant R&D costs in Biomedical/Health Research and Pharma R&D
4) MOOCs for Indian Research-Clinicals is less
5) Accessibility, Quality, Affordability of subject matter experts is poor

2) Our vision and mission

Right from school, students doing Research, collaborating with doctors&scientists, the industry purchasing their discoveries and taking them forward.

3) What is the problem we are solving and how?current problems

4) What would be the potential benefits?

1) India’s leadership in Science&Research

Just as India became the global leader of IT services in 1990’s and 2000’s, India will lead in Biomedical, Health and Pharma R&D.

2) Transform Healthcare delivery in India

Transform healthcare delivery to make significant impact on the health of Indians by connecting Research&Practice, and by inclusive contribution from academia/user communities

3)  Other implicit benefits

a) Just as in IT, global nations look onto India for high value Pharma, Biotech, Medical Research

b) Contribution to Research from Academia at par with those in developed nations

c) Indian top notch creative, science, technology talent will prefer to stay back in India

d) NRI top notch research, healthtech talent returning back to India

Why the focus is on research (not innovation or entrepreneurship)?