Emerging trends

Market Trends
  • Patients are becoming better informed
  • Patients are picking up a bigger share of expenses
  • Increased demand for personalised medicine
  • Patients want prevention & care, not treatments
  • Emerging markets are becoming more important

Credit: Coursera course on “Drug Commercialization” by University of California, San Diego

Health & Healthcare Trends
  • The burden of chronic disease is soaring
  • Healthcare payers are establishing treatment protocols
  • Pay-for-value is on the rise
  • The boundaries between different forms of care are blurring
  • Financial constraints on payers are increasing
Scientific Trends
  • R&D is becoming more virtualised
  • The research base is shifting to Asia
  • Remote monitoring in improving rapidly
Technological Trends
Special focus areas:

  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • BlockChain
  • Robotics
  • Analytics/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Virtual/Augmented reality
Research / Translation Trends
  • Research will be paid for outcomes, not products
  • Outcomes data will drive healthcare policy
  • Prevention will gain a higher healthcare profile
  • R&D will need to go beyond the lab
  • Research will need access to outcomes data
  • Research will have to work with technology vendors to virtualise R&D
  • Research will need a wider, more multi-disciplinary skills base
  • Research will need to expand its presence in Asia
  • Research will need to demonstrate “real” value-for-money
  • Research and healthcare value chains will become much more intertwined
  • a) Will have to work more closely with regulators
  • b) Will have to collaborate with payers and providers to perform continuous trials
  • c) Will have to collaborate with numerous service providers to deliver packages of care